Review | Some Skincare Product Empties

Skincare review

Hello, last night I was tidying up my beauty cabinet, and I found some products that have been emptied. As I said before, I was looking for a skincare that really suits me, so I tried a lot of different skincare products hehe. And these are some of the ones I’ve used. Some are suitable for me, but some are less suitable. All right, I’ll tell you a quick review about these products. Continue reading


Health Benefits of Fasting

Today Muslims around the world are in fasting month of Ramadan. No food and no drinking, from sunrise to sunset. In Indonesia the length is for 13-14 hours.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is the time to multiply our ibadah, because of the many blessings given by God during this month. Of course as a Muslim, I have been frequently read, told and heard about the multiple rewards that can be earned during Ramadan, which we should use as a provision for the Day of The End, the Judgement Day. Yet, as we do not eat and drink, our bodies often feel weak and lazy to do anything, it feels like to sleep all day. Sometimes if our activity is too busy, while the energy intake is reduced, our body gets tired, immunity decreased, and ends up sick. Well, it does happen sometimes if you’re not smart about it. But do you know that fasting also has a healthy advantage for our bodies?

As a dental health practitioner, I also learned about general body health, so there are some things I have read or learned about this. So what are the health benefits of fasting? Continue reading

Why I am here

Hello people on the internet 🙂

Here’s a very quick introduction. My name is Nurdiani, but people call me Dian. I am a dentist (soon), interested in all form of arts, music, films, books, science, and obsessed with the color green. I love drawing and making illustration. I own a small shop that I’ve been trying on running since 2014, named Kurafuto Project, which I advertise on instagram as @kurafutoproject. You can check it out if you are interested! 😀

Honestly this is not my first attempt to write a blog.

I’m a total 100% introvert. I really enjoy my free time spent alone in my room, rather than going out. Writing a blog was one of the thing I do to kill the time since I was still in high school, but I was never really consistent about it and in the end it was abandoned and left out rotten.

Okay, so… here I am back at it again. I know, I am not really good with words, story telling, or any talents that usually a writer or a spokesperson blessed with. But at least let me just try 😀

Oh and I also want to try writing this blog in English, because it is a global language and I want to develop my English as well. But I will post contents in Bahasa Indonesia too sometimes. Heheh

Okay, so welcome to my blog, let’s see how much I suck at this (I hope it’s not that bad) :p