Why I am here

Hello people on the internet 🙂

Here’s a very quick introduction. My name is Nurdiani, but people call me Dian. I am a dentist (soon), interested in all form of arts, music, films, books, science, and obsessed with the color green. I love drawing and making illustration. I own a small shop that I’ve been trying on running since 2014, named Kurafuto Project, which I advertise on instagram as @kurafutoproject. You can check it out if you are interested! 😀

Honestly this is not my first attempt to write a blog.

I’m a total 100% introvert. I really enjoy my free time spent alone in my room, rather than going out. Writing a blog was one of the thing I do to kill the time since I was still in high school, but I was never really consistent about it and in the end it was abandoned and left out rotten.

Okay, so… here I am back at it again. I know, I am not really good with words, story telling, or any talents that usually a writer or a spokesperson blessed with. But at least let me just try 😀

Oh and I also want to try writing this blog in English, because it is a global language and I want to develop my English as well. But I will post contents in Bahasa Indonesia too sometimes. Heheh

Okay, so welcome to my blog, let’s see how much I suck at this (I hope it’s not that bad) :p