Stay Positive

How to stay positive

Hello blog, it’s been awhile! I’ve been busy with some test, exam and stuff, but tonight is a Friday night, I’m alone in my room, listening to some my favorite old music while writing a paper, and that Monthy Python song’s played on my playlist. I love the lyrics that I put on the picture, “Always look on the bright side of life“… Continue reading


The Social Media Phenomenon

There is one thing that I really don’t want to care about, but seeing the phenomenon that is happening nowadays through social media, it’s just giving me “unscratchable itch” and makes me want to pour it all into this writing.

Social media, a place to connect you with everyone in different regions of the world. Almost everyone can easily have an access to the internet nowadays, especially with a smart phone in their hand, it’s like you can explore the world with just one finger tap.


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“Anger is your enemy, conquer it and do not allow it to conquer you” -Imam Ali (AS)

Some of the scariest traits a person can have is hot-headed, ill-tempered, and inability to control anger. And for me, the ability to control anger is one of the most important things.

Because honestly, life is not always parallel with what we expected. Many things could make us disappointed, desperate, and angry. And our inability to control our anger can affect the people around us, even the people closest to us. Continue reading