The Social Media Phenomenon

There is one thing that I really don’t want to care about, but seeing the phenomenon that is happening nowadays through social media, it’s just giving me “unscratchable itch” and makes me want to pour it all into this writing.

Social media, a place to connect you with everyone in different regions of the world. Almost everyone can easily have an access to the internet nowadays, especially with a smart phone in their hand, it’s like you can explore the world with just one finger tap.


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Health Benefits of Fasting

Today Muslims around the world are in fasting month of Ramadan. No food and no drinking, from sunrise to sunset. In Indonesia the length is for 13-14 hours.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is the time to multiply our ibadah, because of the many blessings given by God during this month. Of course as a Muslim, I have been frequently read, told and heard about the multiple rewards that can be earned during Ramadan, which we should use as a provision for the Day of The End, the Judgement Day. Yet, as we do not eat and drink, our bodies often feel weak and lazy to do anything, it feels like to sleep all day. Sometimes if our activity is too busy, while the energy intake is reduced, our body gets tired, immunity decreased, and ends up sick. Well, it does happen sometimes if you’re not smart about it. But do you know that fasting also has a healthy advantage for our bodies?

As a dental health practitioner, I also learned about general body health, so there are some things I have read or learned about this. So what are the health benefits of fasting? Continue reading