Review | Biore Cleansing Oil


There are many types of cleansers, one of them is cleansing oil. I always wanted to add cleansing oil into my skincare routine, but I was afraid that it would clog my pores and leading to pimples (as I have an acne prone skin). However, finally I decided to give it a try. And this is it, my first ever cleansing oil, it is Biore Cleansing Oil! 😀


For those of you who have so many outdoor activities and love to use makeup, face cleansing is very important, in order to prevent the blackheads and acne due to clogged pores. Especially for me, who have an oily and acne prone skin. If I’m using makeup plus feeling extremely dirty from all the sweat, oil, and air pollution, I always make sure I double cleanse my face afterwards. So, I clean my face twice, firstly to remove dirt and makeup, secondly I use face wash to make sure there are no product residue on my face, so that my skin is ready for the next skincare.

So why we use cleansing oil? There are many ways to clean make up, but sometimes it is just very difficult to clean the waterproof makeup only with regular cleansing, or only just using makeup wipes or cotton pad, sometimes we have to rubbing it a little rough to really cleanse the make up. While with the oil content in the cleansing oil, it will dissolve the waterproof make up, so it will be easier to clean.

This Biore Cleansing Oil is available in purple bottle with a pump, very efficient and hygienic in my opinion. You do not need to come in contact with the content so it does not contaminate the inside.


The oil is kind of thin and a little runny in consistency, and it has some crunchy apple scent which is not overpowering but just right.

It claims that it is a gentle cleansing oil that washes away long lasting makeup and even waterproof mascara with no greasy feeling on skin after use, does not clog pores, and also gentle and mild on the skin. Okay so for this review I slap on some makeup onto my arms, and let’s see what it does! 😀


This product can be used directly either on dry or wet skin, depending on your choice. I personally prefer to directly wear it on a dry skin, then rubbed with a gentle circular motion to the face. If I was wearing eye makeup like eyeliner or mascara I also apply it onto the eye area, BUT you have to be careful so the product does not to enter the eyes because it will be so freakingly painful.


Once gently rubbed, then it can be rinsed directly with water, or you can also wipe your face with a towel or tissue paper. But I prefer to use water, because afterwards the face feels cleaner and smoother, but if you only wear a towel or tissue paper, you can still feel a little bit of stickyness left on your face.


Once the oil washed by water it will turn to a watery consistency, like a very watery milk. I washed it with water many times until the slippery feeling on my face disappeared. When washing the eyes, make sure your eyes are closed tightly, so the product does not contaminate your eyes. And look at it, everything is gone! All make up is erased perfectly.


So, the final verdict, I like this cleansing oil. It cleanses the makeup thoroughly, and no need to use layers and layers of cotton pads. Before using cleansing oil I like to use micellar water for double cleansing, but now I prefer this! For Biore Cleansing Oil, the price is quite affordable, only about IDR 107.000, – and is available in the drugstores. But after trying this Biore Cleansing Oil, I want to try other cleansing oil on the market, either liquid form like this or the balm form. Many products are already in my wishlist! Hehe 😀

Okay thanks for reading my review about this Biore Cleansing Oil, I hope it can be useful somehow.

Have good day!



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