Facing A New Week


Everytime I’m going to face a new week, I always ask myself a night before, what do I want to accomplish next week? And I always hope that I can finish all my to do list in a week.

But, being a co-ass (or.. dental intern? idk how they call it in other countries), my life is not only determined by myself alone. Many people can decide how my day is going to end.

I remember the days of school and college, where I was in complete control of what I wanted to achieve. I know for sure as a student, my job is study, study, study. If I want to get good grades, I have to study. If I want a high GPA, I have to study. And to get the most of it, I just have to control myself, pushing myself to the limit. Only myself.

But being a co-ass, my life seems like rotated, 180 degrees.

For you who don’t know, after completing a dental school, the student have to complete a post-dental school training. This is referred to as the dental intern (but in Indonesia we call it as co-ass). The intern does not have the right to practice unsupervised dentistry, and must practice within the confines of the training program in which they are enrolled to get a “dentist” degree.

I had to complete a few (well, many) requirements, where I have to I perform treatments in various cases for patients which supervisioned by a specialized dentist. And in some cases, the treatment requires several visits, where patient co-operativity is super necessary to complete the requirement. The problem is, not all patients are cooperative. And mostly, it’s not the patients who follow the schedule of the co-ass, but us the co-ass who follow the schedule of the patients. For example, if the patient is scheduled to have an appointment on the day X, but suddenly the patient has a busy day and apparently couldn’t come, so sadly the appointment have to be postponed to another day, which makes the time to complete the treatment longer.

The role of the supervisors to determine the continuity of our work is also very important. Usually the supervisors are busy people. There are also types of supervisors. Some are very kind in helping and supporting the work of the co-ass, and some are so strict and confusing, and makes us asked, “Oh God, why??!”

So, in my current life, patients and supervisors, two factors that also determine my life. Not only myself. This is my last year as a co-ass and please just be good to me (screaming inside).

Sometimes I just want to complain, but this is the life I chose, and I have to be responsible for it. I want to be a dentist. Sometimes I also wonder, what if I took a different path, I must have been working and having a job now, I can live with my parents and my sister. But I know complaining will do no good. I should keep fighting, even though I know I’m already left behind, I’m sure it’ll meet its end. This is what I’ve been trying to do for years, and I’m sure all the patience and effort won’t be in vain. And the most important, I can’t wait to have a total control of my own life, once more.

What about your Monday? I wish you a great week ahead, filled with smiles, happiness, and all good things!


– Dian


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