“Anger is your enemy, conquer it and do not allow it to conquer you” -Imam Ali (AS)

Some of the scariest traits a person can have is hot-headed, ill-tempered, and inability to control anger. And for me, the ability to control anger is one of the most important things.

Because honestly, life is not always parallel with what we expected. Many things could make us disappointed, desperate, and angry. And our inability to control our anger can affect the people around us, even the people closest to us.

An overwhelmed anger, makes people unable to think clearly. They’re having messy thoughts and there are only bad thoughts. Sometimes, they’re imagining and fantasizing, flipping the reality which doesn’t make sense. Worse yet, the talk could be so out of control, which is the most dangerous thing,

Because the words that thrown might hurt the other person. Especially when it is for no substantial reason and untrue accusations. Ignoring facts that are already known.
It is usually thrown without realizing, but

Once the words come out, it can’t be pulled back, and whatever you do can’t make the other person forget just like that. Words are something that we have to manage carefully because once they said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten.

It’s just scary how temporary emotions can be so hurting to others that may take such a long time to be healed.

So do not let yourself consumed by anger.
It doesn’t solve anything.
It builds nothing.
It can destroy everything.


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